What We Do

BurnVoir utilises its powerful combination of financial and industry expertise and experience in the provision of impartial and independent advisory services in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors.

Our Services and Capabilities

For over 20 years, BurnVoir has provided independent financial, commercial and strategic advice in more than 150 transactions with a combined value exceeding A$10 billion to a range of corporate clients, governments and government agencies, institutional investors, fund managers and family offices.

For over 20 years, BurnVoir has provided independent financial, commercial and strategic advice in more than 150 transactions with a combined value exceeding
A$10 billion to a range of corporate clients, governments and government agencies, institutional investors, fund managers and family offices.

Project and Corporate Finance

Arranging project development debt, acquisition finance, bridge facilities, offtaker funding, convertible bonds, working capital facilities and hedging facilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Asset acquisitions and divestments, corporate mergers, joint ventures and takeovers.

Equity Capital

Managing placements, entitlements offers, IPOs, pre-IPO funding, equity roadshows and valuation advice.

Corporate and Commercial Advisory

Corporate restructuring, demergers, managing bid processes for major projects procurement, development of projects, and major project contract negotiations.

Corporate and Commercial Advisory

At BurnVoir Corporate Finance we provide a full range of Corporate and Commercial Advisory Services to our clients, from cash flow and risk analysis to the development of risk mitigation strategies, development and implementation of commercial strategies and contract negotiation.


Corporate Advice

  • Detailed knowledge of the energy, resources and infrastructure industries with which to provide tailored strategic solutions.
  • Demonstrated track record in providing advice on market strategies.
  • Cash flow and risk analysis.
  • Development of risk mitigation strategies.
  • Development and implementation of commercial strategies.

Project Management

  • Managing bid process for major projects.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Development and implementation of commercial strategies.
  • Development of greenfield projects.

Project and Corporate Finance

Arranging bank debt, capital markets debt and mezzanine finance


Project Finance

  • Detailed knowledge and specialist advice on the structure of project finance facilities.
  • Raising finance for major capital investments.
  • Negotiation of debt structure and associated security package.
  • Optimal hedging structures.

Corporate Debt

  • Advice on debt sizing and capital structuring.
  • An extensive network of domestic and international banking contacts.
  • Specific advice relating to hedging structures and products.
  • Co-ordinating and communicating with multiple lending groups.

Hybrid Instruments

  • Flexible and less need for complex coordination.
  • Liquid investor base for hybrids, allowing ready financing when required.
  • A compromise between the dilutive effects of pure equity and the cost and complexity of straight debt financing.
  • Can be tailored to specific situations, asset and companies.

Offtaker Finance, ECA and government agency funding

  • BurnVoir can provide access through our extensive network to potential offtakers.
  • Direct investment from potential offtakers can be provided at an early stage of development and will minimise development finance risk.
  • BurnVoir’s established relationship with Export Credit Agencies and other government funding agencies can provide an additional source of finance.
  • Government funding is usually viewed as a credit enhancer by other lenders.
  • Effectively de-risks project cash flows and provides value uplift.

Mergers and Acquisitions

BurnVoir Corporate Finance has the experience and ability to provide our clients with innovative solutions and have helped our clients in executing their M & A deals.


Structured Sales Processes

  • Strategic advice to maximise value from asset or business sales.
  • Design and coordination of the sale process.
  • Selection of appropriate bidder group.
  • Preparation of marketing documentation.
  • Negotiation with bidders.
  • Assistance in all aspects of the documentation phase.

Takeover Defence

  • Preparing for a possible takeover approach.
  • Advice on the most appropriate corporate strategy in the face of a hostile takeover approach.
  • Assistance in responding to an approach.
  • Formulation of strategic initiatives to maximise the value of an outcome for the client.
  • Preparation of takeover documentation and marketing on behalf of the client.

Mergers and Takeovers

  • Detailed knowledge of the participants in the global energy, resources and infrastructure industries.
  • Strategic advice on the most appropriate type of merger or acquisition.
  • Identification of an appropriate acquisition target company or asset.
  • Approach and negotiation on behalf of the bidder.
  • Assistance with structuring the transaction to optimise the outcome for the client.

Joint Ventures /Strategic Partners

  • Strategic advice to maximise project value and interest of joint venture and strategic partners.
  • Leveraging our broad network of institutions, traders and use customers and other organisations to maximise reach to potential partners.
  • Negotiations and financial analysis of potential partnership solutions.
  • Assistance in all aspects of documentation.

Equity Capital Markets

The BurnVoir Equity Capital Markets (ECM) team helps our clients raise equity through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), placements, rights issues and buybacks. Our team manages all aspects of the capital raising task.


Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Management of all aspects of an IPO including:

  • pricing and valuation;
  • prospectus and due diligence;
  • communication with ASX and ASIC;
  • underwriting the capital raising; and
  • leveraging our extensive broker and institutional investor network to effect capital raising.

Capital Raisings

  • Extensive execution capacity across all capital raisings, including placements and underwritten rights issues.
  • Extensive network of institutional investors and fund managers.
  • Strong distribution channels through brokers and investors in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.
  • Underwritten offers.
  • Pricing and valuation advice.

Trusted Adviser to Australian Governments

BurnVoir has longstanding experience of working with Governments on business and strategic planning, financing structures and strategies, strategic sourcing and procurement innovations, in each case supported by detailed research and analysis.

We have worked with governments, respective agencies and government owned corporations across Australia.

Importantly, it also covers diverse number of industries, including energy, transport, water, tourism, superannuation administration, mail services, schools and public sector consumables and printing services.

BurnVoir is currently on the following Government Panels:

Australian Government Energy Finance Advisory panel
Australian Government, Department of Finance, Business and Commercial Advisory Services Panel

NSW Treasury PPP Financial Advisory Pre-Qualified Panel
NSW Treasury Specialist Industry Advisory Pre-Qualified Panel

Verve Energy, Western Australia, Financial Services Panel
Panel for the Provision of Specialist Commercial and Economic Advice (Utilities) for the Public Utilities Office

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, Pre-Qualified Financial / Commercial Consultant

South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance, Transaction Advisory Services Panel


Kalium Lakes


BurnVoir acted as financial adviser and arranger to Kalium Lakes Limited (ASX:KLL) to fund the development of Kalium’s 100% owned Beyondie Sulphate of Potash Project in Western Australia

Pilbara Minerals


BurnVoir acted as financial adviser and arranger to Pilbara Minerals (ASX:PLS) to fund the development of Pilbara’s 100% owned Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project in Western Australia.

ERM Power and Arrow Energy - Braemar 2 Power Station

BurnVoir acted as financial adviser to ERM Power and Arrow Energy in the development of the 450MW Braemar 2 Power Station, located in southwest Queensland.

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